Who’s 7 ’94

My best friend and his partner bought tickets for Who’s 7 ’94 as a birthday present for me.

When all the information arrived, we looked through the events etc. As this was going to be our first ever convention we wanted to participate in something but didn’t know what. Then we saw the fancy dress section and decided that’s what we wanted to do.

After lots of talking and planning we decided I should go as Servalan and Peter & Mark would go as federation troopers. So we packed our bags, loaded the car and headed for Crystal Palace.

We arrived, and boy what a dump. Our treble room was a twin with a mattress on the floor, the trouser press was hanging on the wall by one screw and fell on the floor every time the door slammed, the toilet wasn’t fixed to the floor, the bath was filthy black and the receptionist was French and could hardly understand English!

I asked for an extra pillow and when we returned to the room, it had been thrown on the floor, without a pillowcase.

It turned out that the hotel had changed hands between being booked for the convention and the convention itself, and had been run into the ground in the mean-time.

The Saturday night came and the fancy dress started. We had asked them to turn the lights out, so we could walk on stage in darkness. They played the sound of the teleport for us, turned the lights back on, and there we were standing on stage.

I had my back to the audience, so I turned and spoke into my teleport bracelet. However, no-one heard what I said as suddenly everybody started to clap and cheer really wildly! It wasn’t until after everything was over that people told us they thought I was a woman until I spoke!

Sheelagh Wells and Chris Boucher were two of the judges. Sheelagh told me afterwards that Chris was a bit tipsy and was initially offended when I came on stage, saying to Sheelagh “Well I think someone could have told me Jacqueline was going to be here!”

We were as nervous as anything whilst they announced the winners, and shocked and delighted when we won the Blake’s 7 category – this was the first time any of us had entered a fancy dress, and we won!