A word from Peter

It’s now 2012 and it’s 18 years since I went to Who’s 7 ’94 with David.

I have very fond memories of both Who’s 7 ’94 and Deliverance ’98, the only two sci-fi conventions I’ve ever attended. I met some extraordinary people and generally just had a great time.

I really can’t remember how the idea for David to dress as Servalan came about, I do remember we wanted to do something and had all sorts of ideas! I also remember traipsing around dress shops getting strange looks!

And I certainly remember well putting together the dress pretty much at the last minute in David’s dining room. I think we nearly wore out the tape of “Harvest of Kairos” rewinding and fast-forwarding trying to get a good look at the dress.

This is the third version of David’s website, something I offered to do for him a very long time ago. I felt it needed an update, after all, things have changed a lot since 2003 when I did the last version, not least of which is that people have bigger screens, so all the photos were starting to look tiny.

It’s been a pleasure to revisit all those memories again through updating the site. I hope you enjoy the site and that it gives a sense of how much fun we had, and what an amazing experience David has had as the Alternative Servalan.

Peter, April 2012.