Thank-you to…

There are many people that have made my time as The Alternative Servalan a very special one. The first thanks I must give are to everyone out there that has ever seen & enjoyed my act, especially that first time at Who’s 7 ’94 before it even was an act! Without your enthusiasm & support it would never have happened.

In addition, I’d like to say a very big “Thank-you” to:

  • the cast and guests for always making me feel so very welcome.
  • Peter Borg, Helen Barnes and Debbie Trigg for making such fantastic dresses.
  • Leonie Flynn for doing and teaching me how to put my make-up on.
  • Iian Coleman for being such a good dancing partner.
  • Chris Blenkarn for writing such marvellous poem.
  • all of the various Convention Committees for inviting me in the first place.
  • my very best friend Peter Borg for building this website for me.

Once again, thanks to you all,